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I know, you've seen many posts that start like this. Today just wasn't a good day for technology. I was playing Sterling Falls a little this morning and then I shut down the game and surfed the net a little bit before lunch. Left my computer to go and have lunch, etc and returned to a black screen. After several tests to discover the problem, something I had already guessed right from the beginning. My video card, or rather one on loan from my brother is dead. Shortly thereafter something happens and our cable goes down too, tv & internet. WTF. Now the internet is back up but I can't seem to get onto the website we usually buy computer bits from. I need to start looking for a new video card and this site not woring isn't really helping!

Needless to say I won't be playing SF for awhile, but I do have 2 updates nearly ready and if I can transfer the pictures to my laptop you guys might just get to see those before I get my new card. Fingers crossed!
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My game has been throwing errors ever since I started playing Sterling Falls. I finally got around to tracking down the file and it turned up to be something in my pose hack folder. I didn't spend any more time trying to figure out the exact file, but there you have it.

What I really wanted to post about was the Log folder in My Documents. I had 870+ files and all together it was over 80mb. Now that's a lot of txt!
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I've been planning this for months, but I wanted to finish my legacy first. I know a lot of new BACCs have been emerging lately, so I hope one more won't hurt anyone. I'm pretty excited to get into this playing style and I can't wait to see how my settlers do and share their progress. It will be nice to get back to playing multiple families again. I started a community to post the weekly updates at and I will make sure to post updates here when each round is complete.

Meet the Settlers
Week 1: Marsh Livingstone
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I never noticed before, do sims from the sim bin randomly show up around town?
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These are Trappingit's supernatural colours on Aquilegia's edible skins as per request by [ profile] mousemedic. These are completely custom skins, townies won't generate with them and they aren't geneticized. I did the Living Dead colours twice because I wasn't sure the first one was quite dead enough. :)

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I'm finally done with the skins I was working on. These are Aquilegia's "You are what you eat" in some of Trappingit's colours. I tried to stick with the edible theme. Please let me know if there are any problems with them! They were ok in my game but I haven't fully tested everything. These have all morph stages and have the same bits and bobs as Aquilegia's set. They are also gen+townified to fit in with the original set. Just let me know if you want them custom and I'd be happy to upload them.

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Ugghhh... smoothing skintones is such a chore!
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I've been trying to find a new skin set that I like. I'm a little picky about this stuff because I like to have a wide variety of colours to choose from as well as all the morph stages represented. Most skin sets I've found only have one texture per age group so fat/fit sims look the same as average body sims. I also like my sims to be barbie only below the belt, but not on top.

The current set I'm using are Aquilegia's You Are What You Eat but I'm getting bored with only 12 varieties. Since I don't think there are any add-on sets already out there (its very very hard to google things like this anymore), I decided I'm going to try and take this on myself. I have never made skins before so I have no idea what I'm doing. I am going to try using [ profile] trappingit's colour actions to fill in the gaps of the existing colours already made. Wish me luck! I have no clue what I'm doing. :D 
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Here is the last batch of wall stickers I will be doing for awhile. I was supposed to have these up yesterday but ended up spending most of the day at the Hospital trying not to feel like crap. So here they are. Some of these were specific requests from [ profile] omgitsjamielee so I hope she likes them, I did the best I could with the pictures she gave me. I'm kind of burned out on these and it takes forever to scroll through them in game so I'm done for now. I've got a couple other projects I want to focus on.

The rest of them are under here... )


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