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My video card came in today and after some frustration. I thought I was going to have to buy a new power supply too because the video card requires 2 PCI-E connections and I only have one cable. I finally got it working with a nifty little adapter. Yay! Banshee (what I named my desktop computer) is finally back in business. I'm currently downloading my free racing game (Dirt3) on steam and now I have a bunch of sims sites to check out for things I've missed the last few days.
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I know, you've seen many posts that start like this. Today just wasn't a good day for technology. I was playing Sterling Falls a little this morning and then I shut down the game and surfed the net a little bit before lunch. Left my computer to go and have lunch, etc and returned to a black screen. After several tests to discover the problem, something I had already guessed right from the beginning. My video card, or rather one on loan from my brother is dead. Shortly thereafter something happens and our cable goes down too, tv & internet. WTF. Now the internet is back up but I can't seem to get onto the website we usually buy computer bits from. I need to start looking for a new video card and this site not woring isn't really helping!

Needless to say I won't be playing SF for awhile, but I do have 2 updates nearly ready and if I can transfer the pictures to my laptop you guys might just get to see those before I get my new card. Fingers crossed!


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