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I just spent yesterday and this morning here and sorting out which defaults I wanted and sorting out conflicting files. There are so many great things there, but I started to wonder if it would have been easier to just hide all the maxis clothes I despise and just download the CC outfits and townified them all. Too late now, all is done and conflict free I hope. I also got some ideas of defaults I might make, and it reminded me of some I already made and didn't share. I hate taking preview pictures, so that is the main reason some of them didn't get posted here. Maybe if I find the energy I'll share the rest of what I have and make some more.

And for some reason the LJ post entry page layout is fubar'd right now, bah.
Apr. 1st, 2012 11:46 am


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I've had this idea since Sims 2 was first released, but I had no clue about making mods or meshes or anything. Now that I've made some stuff and used milkshape I figured I might give it a go. I'm having some weird problems though and I need to sort them out before I can share. Basically the actual seat part disappears and just the lid remains and it spins and sparks in the air instead of sitting on the ground. I know there are two other mods like this with an anvil and a piano. I've taken a look at them, but don't really like how they are made. I'd rather just replace the gmdc for the satellite and the texture to keep the package size small. Once I figure it out I will share the completed file. I just thought some of you might get a kick out of it. Also if anyone has a clue about fixing it I wouldn't mind some pointers. :)
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I struggled with this one more than once and finally I managed to get it done. It was much less hassle when I realized you can edit the mesh in the 3D model view. I removed the fugly neck tie and the bracelet or whatever was on the left wrist. I also had to fix some texture mapping problems, so the fixed textures are included. If anyone wants to make some nice recolours of this I'd be happy to default them. Hint hint.


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Hey folks. I have another offering for you. I've been going through all of the Maxis outfits and picking out the ones I want to remove the tacky jewelery from. Unlike most other default replacements, I have removed the mesh jewelery as well as the painted on stuff. This will conflict with other default replacements for this outfit. You can easily check for conflicting files at [ profile] sims2_defaults . This will also conflict with the preg morphs made by The Mystical One on MTS, but I have included the preg morph in this file.

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 I don't know about you, but I actually kind of like the ambodydisco mesh. My only problem and the main reason I never used it in the game was because of that hideous choker collar that came with it. It took me a really long time to get it right, but I've finally managed to remove the collar. I think it looks so much better and the best part, this file will override the original, so you can forget it even had a collar. Unfortunately I had to remove some unsightly shadow around the opening of the shirt so I had to include all the textures. If anyone knows a way to add just the alpha channel to the file and have it work with the original textures I'll change the file so its smaller. Now the only thing we need is some nice recolours! Hint hint!

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This is a little modification I made for myself but I thought I'd share it if anyone else was interested. The original files were created by MsBarrows on TSR. She made it so the Free Time cribs and changing table use the bedding from the kinder kontainer from the base game. She also included Menaceman44's animation fixes. The thing I didn't like about her files is they created separate objects in the game, thus cluttering up the buy mode and creating duplicates which seemed kind of silly to me. So I went and replaced the GUID to match the original files so only one of each object show up in the catalog. I didn't bother to take any pictures, but you should be able to figure out what I'm talking about anyway. Enjoy!
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I have another default outfit to share with you guys. This time its a texture replacement for an Apartment Life outfit. I've also added preg morphs to the file. The textures I used were made by Qbuilderz and the preg morphs I got from The Mystical One.

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So this is my first attempt at any default replacements and this is also my first shared custom content!

The original file is an H&M Stuff mesh. The new version is by [ profile] xpinkyhayzx and not only includes much nicer textures but it also has flats instead of sandals! Oh and preg morphs!!! You can find the original files and a lot more recolours here. I used the patterned version in purple, aqua, red and lime.

Kudos also goes to [ profile] le_plat_du_jour  for the awesome tutorial found here. I could not have made this without it!
Mesh is included!


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