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I'm thinking of switching over to maxis match hair. I mostly play maxis match anyway with objects and clothing and stuff. I love love love pooklet's colours, but not all hair creators use the colours I prefer to have. Maxis match seems like it would be easier with them all being the same shades and stuff. Plus this hair defaulting project of [ profile] allisas is really tipping the scales for me. The less hairs I have to scroll through the better and so many maxis hairs are just way too fugly for me to use. It also seems like most my fav hair meshes/creators have been made maxis match, especially stuff by [ profile] trappingit.

Thoughts? Which do you prefer? Does it even really matter to anyone?
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I was just wondering, since the little community is growing at a nice pace, if you guys would want me to post a "previously on" sort of thing on each of the posts. I know when you're reading someone's legacy or BaCC sometimes the sims all tend to blend together and sometimes you forget things. I sometimes forget my own sims names, so I know how confusing it can get. Especially if you're reading multiple BaCCs/Legacies. I am keeping a regular update pace, but it obviously won't always be like this. So if you guys want a little blurb about the previous week just let me know, I don't mind doing the extra work. :)

Ok, ranting over. Have a great day!
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I never noticed before, do sims from the sim bin randomly show up around town?


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