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The second and final update for our Gen 2 spare Veruca. She and Wes aged gracefully into elders. They had three children in total. Robert, Harlan and Elliott. Unfortunately Robert (and his alien child Juno) and Harlan were victims of a hood-wide epidemic that depleted about 40% of the population. Veruca managed to reach her LTW of becoming a Visionary and she also fulfilled a second LTW of earning §100,000. Wes was one promotion away from achieving his LTW of becoming a Media Magnate when he passed away. The couple had their last woohoo and then Wes passed away followed shortly thereafter by Veruca. Their only current grandchild, a girl named Deanna, was born a few hours before they passed. Their son Elliott and his common law partner Madison Nova are expecting a second child during the next rotation.
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So I wont be posting a lot of images showing what goes on with all the spares throughout this legacy. I do, however, hope to post some little updates to keep you posted on their lives. A lot has happened since Veruca, her new husband Wes and their illegitimate child Robert moved out.

Firstly, they had another child, a boy named Harlan. Then when the boys were both children, the Social worker paid a visit and took them both away. Harlan had been living with his social in the red for awhile and I guess that counts as neglect. One rule I have for myself when playing the games is that if a child or children are taken away by social services then a relative will adopt them into their family during the right day in the rotation when possible. Now since Veruca's only family is Shane and there is no way Robert and Harlan are moving in with them I went with the next best thing.

The boys moved in with Shane's old fling Willow (aged up to adult). I wanted to play her as a playable anyway, since there was no way I wanted her in the legacy and it would be weird if she was still hanging around 4 gens later. You'll see the boys all grown up in the next legacy update.

After Robert and Harlan were taken away they eventually had another child. A third boy named Elliott. You could cut glass on those cheekbones! It seems that those cheeks will be a Maheegan genetic trait for generations to come.
Veruca is working her way to the top of the artist career path and Wes is still searching for a job in the Journalism career.


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