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I have two more updates for Sterling Falls left of my buffer. Its currently too nice to be sitting around inside on the computer so I'm going to hold off posting them for a little bit. I wont wait so long that I forget what happened and why I took the shots I did though. I might consider gaming at night, but usually after dinner I'm ready to wind down with a movie or something. Otherwise I won't be playing again until the next rainy day (in Southern B.C. this doesn't happen very often).

To make this post a little less boring have a picture of a ruby-crowned kinglet. :)

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I was just wondering, since the little community is growing at a nice pace, if you guys would want me to post a "previously on" sort of thing on each of the posts. I know when you're reading someone's legacy or BaCC sometimes the sims all tend to blend together and sometimes you forget things. I sometimes forget my own sims names, so I know how confusing it can get. Especially if you're reading multiple BaCCs/Legacies. I am keeping a regular update pace, but it obviously won't always be like this. So if you guys want a little blurb about the previous week just let me know, I don't mind doing the extra work. :)

Ok, ranting over. Have a great day!
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I've been planning this for months, but I wanted to finish my legacy first. I know a lot of new BACCs have been emerging lately, so I hope one more won't hurt anyone. I'm pretty excited to get into this playing style and I can't wait to see how my settlers do and share their progress. It will be nice to get back to playing multiple families again. I started a community to post the weekly updates at and I will make sure to post updates here when each round is complete.

Meet the Settlers
Week 1: Marsh Livingstone


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